Budoff & Ross supports individuals charged with Homicide and Aggravated Assault in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe and throughout Arizona.

Homicide/Manslaughter/Aggravated Assault

The felony offenses of assault, homicide, robbery, or other violent crimes carry the possibility of serious penalties, including lengthy mandatory prison sentences, and, in the case of First Degree Murder, the possibility of the death penalty.  A conviction for any violent crime may also create a "ripple effect," causing other legal problems relating to employment, immigration and family law matters.

Today I am able to work and contribute as a member of society. Mr. Ross represented me through times of uncertainty. When you’re in the position I was in, it can be frightening. I was constantly worrying about my life, my future, and hoped to one day to get the shot to make up for the transgressions I had endured. Mr. Ross regularly had to assure me things would work out well and I am grateful because they did. - Original charge - 2nd Degree Murder, trial verdict - lesser offense of manslaughter/minimum sentence imposed, Peoria/Glendale, AZ

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